Our Services

Galda + Leuchter Scientific Booksellers (G+L) is a supplier to libraries and institutions.

We handle monographs, subscriptions and other media in print and e-formats.

As a company focussing on quality, we are able to meet the many needs of our clients. Our offices are located in Berlin/Germany and Madison/Wisconsin. The company was founded in 1985 in Berlin.

We supply publications from standard publishing houses as well as grey literature.

G+L has developed a recognized international expertise. A list of references is available upon request.

Our employees are trained in the book trade or have an education in arts and humanities. In addition, we have native speakers of different languages available in our offices to allow for ease in communication with our clients and suppliers.

German monographs are usually available for delivery immediately or with short lead-time. Approximately 400.00 German titles ship within one business day. Other publications from Continental Europe and Non Western countries are subject to longer lead-times depending on the country of origin.

Various services (shelf-ready supply, binding, barcodes etc.) are available to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Upon request we search for out-of-print materials.

We offer various formats for invoicing. Invoices can be issued in different currencies.

We supply international clients by mail (printed matter - media mail) or commercial courier.

We supply monographs according to the publisher‘s list price:

We offer excellent discount plans to institutional clients.

G+L offers approval services for German monographs. We supply new releases from relevant publishers based on our client’s selection criteria.

In addition consolidation services and a wide variety of additional technical services are available.

This website describes our services in brief. For full description or specific information please write to contact@galda.com